How I divorced my phone and became a better human

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You’ve been using a Phone and Browser wrong this WHOLE TIME

Here is how you spend the whole day with your phone on the charger and not lose the plot.

Following these basics you can disconnect from most of your mobile interruptions and actually look people in the eye on an elevator again. If it’s been awhile, there’s a very real chance you’ll feel mildly life a psychopath.

Step 1: Chrome Remote Desktop

Not the greatest remote solution in the world but you can use it from anywhere super easily and the security is respectable. I don’t care what Google does with your data or my data - as long as those intended to make money off of it, and myself are the only ones accessing it.

Step 1A: Bluestacks

Leave your favourite games running in a full instance of Bluestacks on the Beast Gaming/CAD/Server you have in your basement. Then just remote into your desktop using Chrome. Those Clans won’t Clash themselves.

Step 2: SMS in the browser

Get the official Google (seriously, I have nothing to do with them) Messages app.
Then Rock it. You can stay caught up on your messages without reaching into your pocket.

Like a boss

Step 2A: More IM in the browser

Ditto for:

Step 3: Grip and Rip your PodCasts! Whoa.

I use Pocket Casts and love pausing in the car and resuming in the browser. I’m sure there are other things that do the thing that I want my things to do, but that’s not my thing…. or something.


Now you have Games & Apps, and IM. This is also my sole purpose of the browser bar. Add your selection of the above to the browser bar so you can start your day with a Right Click + Open All (5) and begin your day right. The phone is at 100% by coffee time.

Step 4: Profit.

Thanks for tuning in. Insert your favourite memes here and do not fold or bend this document.