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Juice your Shell!

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Straight to the guide

The *nix crew has had the fun for WAY too long. I use Yakuake (Non-gnome) or Guake (Gnome) for a single reason: Quake-style slider. Not only because its unbelievably handy - but it fondly reminds me of my youth where I could smash any internet stranger in a Rail Arena or Rocket in Quake 2. Oh… youth is wasted on the young.

Yes… I even map it to a variation of `.

Not that I have ADD, but I’m pretty sure I was using this site 20 years ago to find Quake Servers

The wish list:

  • Quake-style drop-down
  • Transparent **
  • Easily connect to some of my admin shells (PowerCLI, Exchange Management Shell, Skype for Business, and SCCM)
  • A useful launch / MOTD
  • A picture of a Ninja somewhere
  • Colourful *
  • Easily switch between elevated and daily driver console - because neither you nor I are silly enough to use our workstation as admin. Don’t be daft.


*Colour is spelled with a ‘u’ - Fight me.

**So I can the sfc /scannow advice from technet while I’m in the shell. Transparent shells make following guides / docs easy. Just learn to love it.


Windows Edition

Meet the stars of performance

MacOS Edition

  • Using iTerm2 instead of Conemu
  • Tweaking the app file to stop being a jerk and just act like the console it is
vi /Applications/iTerm\

Find the bottom two </dict></plist> keys and add:


right above them. If vi isn’t your jam, its : w q to save and exit from that madness

  • It’s an actual *nix Shell and I don’t have Office 365 - so I’m driving blind as far as getting a Mac -> Exchange Shell with a hotkey

The actual guide

  1. Install ConEmu
  2. Use My ultra ninja conemu.xml profile
  3. Download Get-MOTD
  4. Make your profile (if you haven’t already) New-Item $Profile -type File -force
  5. Tweak your profile
    get-content ~\Downloads\ps-motd.ps1 | out-file $PSProfile -Append
    Write-Ouput 'Get-MOTD' | Out-file $PSProfile -append

This is just the cheezy posh version of cat somefile >> saved_contents

Add this to your profile as well

Replace $exch = "EXSERV01" with your own data

notepad $profile

CopyPasta the following into notepad at the end

function connectExchange () {

$exch= "EXSERV01"
$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri http://${exch}/PowerShell/ -Authentication Kerberos
Import-PSSession $Session

New-Alias -Name ConnectTo-Exchange -value connectExchange

This gives you the superpower of typing ConnectTo-Exchange at any point and administering exchange.

  1. Walk around like a boss.

Don’t use a clipboard, use post-it notes and a sharpie - it makes everyone far more nervous for some reason. If you are in an office/cubicle farm setting - friendly protip: Construction helmets and safety vests when completely unexpected give you +30 saving throw vs nosy managers.

Keep your eyes peeled. I might roll this all out into a much nicer, smoother, easier to use package. Or I might not. Either way… Yell at me on Twitter